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GACC 055 - AI, iGen confusions

Boss Pander and Jamesokisan join Harrison this week to talk about news and views that caught their eye, such as the confirmation of Dynasty Warriors 9, the controversy revolving around Deadpool 2's reveal of Domino, the Facebook AIs that decided to speak in tongues, and the newly coined iGen's fascination with staying indoors, plus much more!


GACC #054 - Boobs n' Butts n' Hands, Oh my!

JackTheRipoff joins the GACC cast this week to discuss the growing world of Anime inspired sports thanks to Keijo!!!!!!!!, the American company offering to install security passes in workers' hands, Overwatch's Doomfist casting choice whom isn't Terry Crewes, and more!


GACC #053 - Baseball Vs Overwatch

This week we avoid any SDCC coverage if at all possible and instead focus on the US Cyber-warfare  expansion, Baseball's thinking about suing over Overwatch League's new logo, Bioware's General Manager stepping down, and visions of a future where Atari is back in the fore, plus much more!


GACC #052 - Live at Lizard Tail

Join us as we celebrate an entire year of podcasting with our live, and captive, audience at Lizard Tail Brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico! It's been a long, fun journey and we're looking forward to another year and more. This week we bring news and views about current events in tech and geekery like the smart home device that called the cops during a domestic dispute, Mario Odyssey getting a harsh rating in Australia, and some info about the Mass Effect Andromeda demo plus much more!


GACC # 051 - Wandering Morality

Doomfist shows up on the Overwatch PTR, SAG-AFTRA makes some progress, ZeniMax being sued for moral outrage because of their 'Wanderer' trailer for Fallout 4 and also more about their bringing back paid mods, plus more!



This week: The lengths some will go to get famous online, our favorites from the recent summer sales, putting our two cents in about the SAG-AFTRA strike that's starting to bite into games, recent Anime news, and more about the latest ransomware attacks!

GACC #049 - Anime and History

Games, Anime, Computers, and Collectibles this week covers upcoming Anime releases, some currently available titles to tide you over until then, how Mario Teaches Typing spawned the modern day games you know and love, more on YouTube's changing landscape, and NBC's foray into eSports.


GACC #048 - E3 2017 part 2

We're back with Boss Pander joining us for further discussion on E3 now that it's all said and done. We talk all the reboots, the new consoles being teased, the Nintendo and Devolver Digital presentations, plus other news like wifi and Amazon's Alexa built into the very walls of your new home, the involuntary manslaughter verdict on the suicide of Conrad Roy, and more!


GACC #047 - E3 2017 part 1

Here is the first of our two part E3 coverage where we keep up with some feeds live while mentioning the news of the week that also caught our interest. Apple's new iMac Pro, Hello Games' ARG audio tapes to reveal new additions to our favorite game, No Man's Sky. Specs on Microsoft's Project Scorpio devkit, and what's going on with Britney Spears' instagram feed, plus much more!


GACC #046 - Hardware Rodeo 2017

Join us for the rundown of product reveals coming out of Computex Taipei including the Nvidia Geforce Max-Q laptops, Intel's massive 18 core i9 processor line, the new x299 socket system boards, and also some rumors and confirmed games to be revealed in upcoming E3 coverage, plus more!


GACC #045 - Drones in Little Hood

Guest Sean King, creator of My Little Hood, joins us to discuss topics of the week including the rescinding of the FCC's required licensing of drones, net neutrality as title II is under attack, animating with programs like Source Filmmaker, Stacy's Mom, and more!



GACC #044 - Skynet Neutrality

News and views of the week including more aftershocks from Duke City Comic Con, coverage of WannaCry ransomware and how it spread so far, HPs keylogging faux pas, another small step toward the inevitable skynet future, the return of Joe Lieberman and more!


GACC #043 - Duke City Comic Con

GACC comes in late with coverage from our booth at Duke City Comic Con! We talk with staff and artists, mention lots of great folks that we met, and go over a few bits of news from the week! 


GACC #042 - The Sugar Rush

GACC is back with more news about Duke City Comic Con, a bit more about C2E2 and the panels, and emergency ban of a Magic: The Gathering card combo, more on YouTube's further changes, Dreamhack's new Senior gaming league, and more!


GACC #041 - Unboxing a Kangaroo

This week GACC comes back with announcements of our upcoming booth at Duke City Comic Con, Faust's return and C2E2 coverage including a gem of a find, video game news including GTA V's new top down levels, Prey about to drop, Halo getting their Master Chief back, and much more!


GACC #040 - The Lost Quake Champions

This week we pull from the archive to bring one of our test podcast from July of 2016. We end up talking about the HP Envy 34C Display, Amazon Prime Day, the crazy amount of different loot crates on the market, Quake Champions, and much more!

GACC #039 - Our Only Hope

GACC is back with news and views about the Star Wars trailer release, a couple more jabs at Mass Effect Andromeda, Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic, and other tidbits and stories of the past on this slow news week! 


GACC #038 - Ghost by the Bell

This week the GACC welcomes Boss Pander and her views on news of the week such as the Ghost in the Shell movie, Google's study of 'what is cool?', the new varsity league e-sports teams, ransomware that tortures rather than extorts, and more!



GACC #037 - Animostiy killed the MadCatz

GACC is back to talk about more Mass Effect: Andromeda news, the Blizzard release of Starcraft free to play, Windows' new service pack, er...."Creator Update", and the death of controller and peripheral giant MadCatz, plus more!


GACC #036 - Mass Effect: Abominable

Topics range from more about Jontron now with Yooka Laylee devs dropping his part from the game, more about YouTube's horrible decisions restricting LGBT content by algorithmic mistake, The HP Omen gaming PC, good or bad? and also a good half hour about Mass Effect: Andromeda and it's horrible state at it's released, plus more!