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GACC #059 - Mixed Reality

GACC this week covers the rumored upcoming reboot of Jay and Silent Bob, Dota 2 getting review bombed in reaction to Valve's latest game announcement, The revealed No More Heroes installment being developed for the Nintendo Switch, new Game of Thrones Funco Pop figurines, and more!


GACC 056 - Naughty Bear on Trial

Sean King of Sandia Mesa Studios joins us to discuss the next wave of YouTube's adpocalypse, new curve ball announcements from Valve and Gearbox, No Man's Sky's latest update and more about Hayao Myazaki's return from retirement.



This week: The lengths some will go to get famous online, our favorites from the recent summer sales, putting our two cents in about the SAG-AFTRA strike that's starting to bite into games, recent Anime news, and more about the latest ransomware attacks!

GACC #042 - The Sugar Rush

GACC is back with more news about Duke City Comic Con, a bit more about C2E2 and the panels, and emergency ban of a Magic: The Gathering card combo, more on YouTube's further changes, Dreamhack's new Senior gaming league, and more!


GACC #041 - Unboxing a Kangaroo

This week GACC comes back with announcements of our upcoming booth at Duke City Comic Con, Faust's return and C2E2 coverage including a gem of a find, video game news including GTA V's new top down levels, Prey about to drop, Halo getting their Master Chief back, and much more!


GACC #030 - Fire in the Discord

GACCast this week covers news and views on the ever growing digital assistants and their woes, Counterstrike closing out an era by a strange but well received decision, Netflix originals we're enjoying, and ironic factory fire, discord getting some unfair attention, and more!

GACC #022 - Vidme Rising

Welcome to the GACCast, this week's topics are Vidme's successful second round of funding and #VidmeForward, some potpourri news that slipped through the cracks last week, AMD's new processors being teased for CES next year, James' choices for winter anime watching, and plenty more!



GACC #019 - Melting media and steamy sales

Dropping this episode a little early so you have a chance to get to the deals we mention in the latter half of the show. First, however, the GACC cast talks about the various social media outlets and how they are all trying to self-destruct in some very interesting ways, James mentions a few last minute peripherals for holiday shopping and then Faust comes up with a personal gift list of game sales that are still going on. Join in the fun!

GACC #003 - Strangers in the Sky

This week we have Boss Pander subbing for James while he's on vacation. There is talk of video cards, steam cheats, No Man's Sky and Pokémon Go. We had some recording flubs and dogs in the background, so all that up and coming podcast goodness for ya. Enjoy!