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GACC 056 - Naughty Bear on Trial

Sean King of Sandia Mesa Studios joins us to discuss the next wave of YouTube's adpocalypse, new curve ball announcements from Valve and Gearbox, No Man's Sky's latest update and more about Hayao Myazaki's return from retirement.


GACC #015 - Videos of Twits

GACC Returns from the grave to bring you updates on, of all things, No Man's Sky, the ongoing interesting maneuvers of Twitter, the loss of Vine, and Verizon puts the nail in the coffin on Vessel. We look at The Nintendo Switch again and the news that was come out since its announcement.  The Microsoft Surface Studio has been announced and we discuss the new Surface and the moves that Microsoft is doing to compete with Apple.



GACC #012 - Yahoo's Dumpster Fire

This week the GACC Cast covers more updates on Yahoo's growing dumpster fire, from CEO gender-culling to collusion in governmental violations of privacy, also we eulogize Digital Homicide as they officially shutter, discuss a local matter as our cable monopoly tries to squeeze more blood from our stones, and much more!


GACC #003 - Strangers in the Sky

This week we have Boss Pander subbing for James while he's on vacation. There is talk of video cards, steam cheats, No Man's Sky and Pokémon Go. We had some recording flubs and dogs in the background, so all that up and coming podcast goodness for ya. Enjoy!