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GACC #069 - Duke Nukem Movie

This week the GACC Crew discuss video games becoming movies, the continuing rise of esports like Overwatch League, and Dell returning to public trading.

GACC #061 - Cool Toys New and Old

This week GACC covers the upcoming iPhone release, Bethesda's announcement of new Nintendo Switch ports of their popular titles, the current front runners for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame, and much more!


GACC #057 - Mice Will Play

Boss Pander takes over with a pair of James while Faust and Harrison take the week off. They talk the new Sonic Mayhem, old anime, the Microsoft Office World Championship, and a disturbing plea from Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, plus more!


GACC 056 - Naughty Bear on Trial

Sean King of Sandia Mesa Studios joins us to discuss the next wave of YouTube's adpocalypse, new curve ball announcements from Valve and Gearbox, No Man's Sky's latest update and more about Hayao Myazaki's return from retirement.


GACC #052 - Live at Lizard Tail

Join us as we celebrate an entire year of podcasting with our live, and captive, audience at Lizard Tail Brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico! It's been a long, fun journey and we're looking forward to another year and more. This week we bring news and views about current events in tech and geekery like the smart home device that called the cops during a domestic dispute, Mario Odyssey getting a harsh rating in Australia, and some info about the Mass Effect Andromeda demo plus much more!


GACC # 051 - Wandering Morality

Doomfist shows up on the Overwatch PTR, SAG-AFTRA makes some progress, ZeniMax being sued for moral outrage because of their 'Wanderer' trailer for Fallout 4 and also more about their bringing back paid mods, plus more!


GACC #047 - E3 2017 part 1

Here is the first of our two part E3 coverage where we keep up with some feeds live while mentioning the news of the week that also caught our interest. Apple's new iMac Pro, Hello Games' ARG audio tapes to reveal new additions to our favorite game, No Man's Sky. Specs on Microsoft's Project Scorpio devkit, and what's going on with Britney Spears' instagram feed, plus much more!


GACC #030 - Fire in the Discord

GACCast this week covers news and views on the ever growing digital assistants and their woes, Counterstrike closing out an era by a strange but well received decision, Netflix originals we're enjoying, and ironic factory fire, discord getting some unfair attention, and more!

GACC #027 - Zombie Lives Matter

This week GACC Returns to the regularly scheduled coverage of news and tech that caught their attention, with talk about some CES updates, laptop tech, the cost of staying on the bleeding edge, the upcoming announcements about the nintendo switch, how Introversion broke the Geneva Convention, and more!