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GACC #070 - Flamethrowers

This week GACC covers board games thanks to a new local business, The talk of Diablo developer David Brevik working on a new dungeon platformer, The Boring Company Flamethrower, social platform digital asset creation and more!

GACC #067 - Year End Review

We're back with some talk about the show and our YouTube channel, Jenny Fedora Productions, and plans for the future. There's Hello Games' funding initiative for independent developers, mixed reality thoughts thanks to recent purchases, the first official death of an innocent due to 'Swatting', and more about Magic: The Gathering.

GACC #033 - Traumatic Toys and Game Dev Joys

GACC is back this week with two special guests in the form of Jack the Ripoff and's own Woody from SleepingSkullKyd, joining Harrison to talk about GDC coverage and the surprising and not so surprising awards handed out, then chat shifts to the New York Toy Fair and the hellish toys being summoned from salt circles, such as Teddy Ruxpin and the smarty robot Cozmo.

GACC #032 - Streams are Deadly

GACC brings the news about augmented reality, alienware computers, streams being violent, a marathon streamer's untimely demise, comic con woes and hopes,  new game studios popping up everywhere, and more!

GACC #007 - Solitaire Confinement

The GACCast tackles the hard issues, like competitive Solitaire, the Halo 5 Forge release, Acer's new seventeen pound, curved screen laptop, Star Wars Rogue One Lego releases and much more!


GACC #006 - Shaking sticks at IT

Here's another weekly GACC cast, this time discussing VR and Facebook's bid for game development,  More Windows 10, more No Man's Sky, and More Pokémon Go news that we just couldn't avoid, our first actual foray into Anime dicussion, and much more!


GACC #003 - Strangers in the Sky

This week we have Boss Pander subbing for James while he's on vacation. There is talk of video cards, steam cheats, No Man's Sky and Pokémon Go. We had some recording flubs and dogs in the background, so all that up and coming podcast goodness for ya. Enjoy!