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GACC #067 - Year End Review

We're back with some talk about the show and our YouTube channel, Jenny Fedora Productions, and plans for the future. There's Hello Games' funding initiative for independent developers, mixed reality thoughts thanks to recent purchases, the first official death of an innocent due to 'Swatting', and more about Magic: The Gathering.

GACC #037 - Animostiy killed the MadCatz

GACC is back to talk about more Mass Effect: Andromeda news, the Blizzard release of Starcraft free to play, Windows' new service pack, er...."Creator Update", and the death of controller and peripheral giant MadCatz, plus more!


GACC #031 - Your light bulbs know your password

GACCast comes back with news and views on The Pewds' community reacting to a hit piece by the WSJ, Talk of the new Mass Effect, Bethesda's latest project reveal, Prey's gameplay trailer, the latest Internet of Things attack at a undisclosed university, Playboy losing its newfound modest, and more!

GACC #029 - Your Face Here

News goes from zero to sixty compared to last week and the GACCast catch up on their coverage concerning AMD's new processors, the Oculus v. Zenimax lawsuit, 2K's right to your face data, Blizzard's crackdown on hackers and their wacky response, Microsoft bridges the gap between console and PC even further, and much more!


GACC #020 - Rockin the Streamhouse

GACC brings some local news centered around the ABQ Stream House, a startup stream experiment that's making some rather dubious updates for the upcoming new year. Then there's talk of a Fiber Internet backbone being put in, but it's also hard to swallow. Also we talk games on sale and upcoming, as well as a tidbit to consider if your house is being house sat for the holidays.


GACC #017 - Holiday Hardware

GACC greets the season with some suggested system builds that cover a range of budgets but promise to provide ample performance for the price. Also news about Facebook's killing spree, the NES Classic and toy frenzies of years past, and a few games to watch out for if you're shopping for that gamer in your life. 

GACC #016 - The Blizzard Arrives

Blizzcon has begun and the GACC Cast is here to cover the updates we've heard so far, Diablo 3 getting some new content, Hearthstone has a new series coming up, Starcraft news, and an examination of Blizz itself positioned to have fingers in each of the major multiplayer pies. We also discuss nerdy movie news about Deadpool and Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo officially announcing the retirement of the Wii U, the NES Classic console's innards, Facebook taking on Steam, and Microsoft stopping sales of its older OS versions to PC makers, plus much more!


GACC #015 - Videos of Twits

GACC Returns from the grave to bring you updates on, of all things, No Man's Sky, the ongoing interesting maneuvers of Twitter, the loss of Vine, and Verizon puts the nail in the coffin on Vessel. We look at The Nintendo Switch again and the news that was come out since its announcement.  The Microsoft Surface Studio has been announced and we discuss the new Surface and the moves that Microsoft is doing to compete with Apple.



GACC #011 - On Social Justice

The GACC Cast take on misguided social media in the form of backlash against internet censorship, how much blame does the community take for what happened with No Man's Sky, and how far the damage goes with new updates on the Yahoo data breach.  We also run down the fall 2016 game release schedule for the PC Master Race and give our rapid fire opinion of games coming out this holiday season.

GACC #007 - Solitaire Confinement

The GACCast tackles the hard issues, like competitive Solitaire, the Halo 5 Forge release, Acer's new seventeen pound, curved screen laptop, Star Wars Rogue One Lego releases and much more!


GACC #006 - Shaking sticks at IT

Here's another weekly GACC cast, this time discussing VR and Facebook's bid for game development,  More Windows 10, more No Man's Sky, and More Pokémon Go news that we just couldn't avoid, our first actual foray into Anime dicussion, and much more!


GACC #005 - Pink slips why?

This week the GACC cast discusses news in games and technology including further updates on No Man's Sky, the Cisco layoffs, Nvidia doing some fun things with their 1000 series, and much more!


GACC #003 - Strangers in the Sky

This week we have Boss Pander subbing for James while he's on vacation. There is talk of video cards, steam cheats, No Man's Sky and Pokémon Go. We had some recording flubs and dogs in the background, so all that up and coming podcast goodness for ya. Enjoy!